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Article: Windproof Cigar Lighters: Why They Are The Best

Windproof Cigar Lighters: Why They Are The Best

Smoking cigars can be an extremely calming experience. Imagine relaxing in your open lounge with your friends, talking about the good old days while smoking cigars. Sounds like the dream, right? But what if you try to light all your cigars and your cigar lighter’s flame keeps going out due to the wind? It would surely kill the mood of what you thought would be a fun day. Do you want to make this picture perfect? Get yourself a windproof cigar lighter. 

When you will smoothly light your cigar with the strongest flame there can be in a lighter, it’s bound to get some hoots from your buddies. The cherry on top is that the lighter will also be the flawlessly elegant design they’ve ever seen. Now, isn’t that impressive? 

If smoking cigars or going on weekend hikes is something you regularly enjoy, investing in a good windproof lighter must be a priority for you. They can even make camping, fishing, and cooking more convenient and enjoyable for you. But your personal windproof lighter must be one of a kind, something that doesn’t disappoint. Whether it is on your way to a mountain or in an informal business meeting, heads should turn your way whenever you take your lighter out. If that’s your goal, look no further than the finest collection of windproof cigar lighters by The Vintage Lighter. With these lighters, you will not only find class and usability but also aesthetically pleasing.

Let us help you choose the right lighter for you. While the quality of the lighter can vary from model to model, there are some things you can look for to decide if it’s ideal for you. Check if the windproof lighter has a durable construction. If it can withstand winds of 15 mph or more, it’s definitely a keeper! For easy access, check if it fits into your pocket. 

There are many more features that can make your windproof cigar lighter stand out. Let’s check out some of our best items and talk about the benefits you get from them. 

1. Shiny Metal Windproof 4 Burner Refillable Butane Jet Torch Chromium:

Four Burner windproof lighter

One of our most tasteful pieces, this shiny windproof lighter is the best way to declare that you prefer excellence over everything. Some of its features are:

  • It has an adjustable flame. 
  • It is easy to use.
  • It is refillable, therefore highly durable. 
  • It is highly polished. 
  • It easily fits in your pocket.

Get your Windproof Cigar Lighter here


2. Windproof 4 Burner Refillable Butane Jet Torch Lighter See Thru- Black

A more casual kind of lighter with no compromise on quality or character, this windproof lighter is out to impress! Some of its features are:

  • It has an adjustable flame. 
  • It is see-through, so you can check when the fuel is empty. 
  • It is refillable, therefore highly durable. 
  • It is easy use and carry around in your pocket. 
  • It comes in many colors, such as blue, red, black etc.

Get your Windproof Cigar Lighter here


3. Polished Metal Windproof Triple Burner Refillable Butane Jet Torch - Rechargeable Electronic Ignition - Built-in Cigar Punch - Business Black:

Triple burner jet lighter - butane lighter

One of our most innovative lighters, this cigar lighter still maintains the vintage class while having multiple impressive characteristics.

  • It has an adjustable flame. 
  • It's a triple burner cigar lighter.
  • It is made with high quality polished metal with an amazing hand fell.
  • It has an electronic ignition.
  • It comes with a USB charger and cable, so it is rechargeable.
  • It also has a built-in cigar punch.

Get your Windproof Cigar Lighter here


As you can see, The Vintage Lighter has no lack of diverse designs and characteristics in their windproof lighters. Even though each lighter is unique on its own, they all share some quality features, like they are all easy to use, they all can withstand high winds, they are durable, and provide a strong flame that can be adjusted. A quality windproof lighter from The Vintage Lighter will also have an easy-to-use ignition system. Apart from that, they feel strong and sturdy in the hands, and smoothly fit in the pockets. And impressively, they all look stylish and graceful.

Once you get yourself a perfect windproof lighter, cigar smoking will be a completely satisfying experience for you, whether you do it with friends or alone. Every single time the polished lighter will be in your hand, someone in the room will be wondering where you got it from. Explore and you will find some truly excellent windproof lighters. Whichever one makes you feel like the main character is the one for you!

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