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Article: How to Properly Light your Cigar in 2024

How to Properly Light your Cigar in 2024

You know what they say about lighting a cigar — patience is key. Whether you’re an avid cigar smoker or you are just starting, you can never be too confident about lighting a cigar because it is unusually tricky. It’s not as easy as lighting a cigarette or a candle and is considered a basic etiquette in circles that religiously smoke cigars. They believe that cigar lighting is just as much an art as cigar smoking.

Lighting cigar - How to light A Cigar Properly in 2024

There are a few reasons why cigar lighting must be done carefully. First of all, if you carelessly and directly light the cigar’s foot (the lit end), it will catch on fire and ruin the cigar. In the case where you do succeed in lighting it but don’t make sure if it’s evenly roasted, the flavors won’t be properly blended and you will miss out on the delightful taste of your cigar. And thirdly, if you cut it the wrong way and try to light it quickly, the cigar can easily fall apart. In this article, we will not only teach you how to light a cigar but also how to avoid these common mistakes while you are lighting.

Now that you know why this process is such a big deal, let us start learning how to properly light a cigar.


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Step 1: Cutting the cigar properly to Light Perfectly 

Cutting the cigar properly

We cut the cigar, so that air can pass through it, and it can smoothly be lit. Firstly, find the right cutter — a Guillotine, a sharp knife or a blade would be perfect. Position your cigar’s cap into the cutter with utmost care, and make sure you’re aiming for the place where its end meets the wrapper. When you finally cut the cigar, remember to do it quickly and in one chop. That will give you a clean cut and the rest of your cigar will still be in proper shape, letting you enjoy it in the best way. 

Step 2: Finding The Right Flame Lighter

Use Butane jet lighter to properly light your cigar

It is essential to remember that you cannot light a cigar with just any flame, and especially not flavored ones as they can ruin the organic taste of the cigar. So, scented candles are out of the question. We recommend using Butane lighters for the best experience. Make sure the lighter is easy to use and works even in unfavorable weather conditions, such as wind. At The Vintage Lighter, you will find a variety of Windproof Butane lighters and Torch lighters for your use. These are high quality, classy and well functional lighters that you can use for a long time. Select the one that you feel will be perfect for your personal use.

Step 3: Start toasting the foot of the Cigar

Toasting Cigar - lighting a Cigar properly

Now that you know what kind of lighter to use, ignite your lighter and keep the foot of the cigar 2 inches away from the flame at a 45° angle. This is known as charring the cigar. Slowly start rotating the cigar to evenly burn it from all sides. You can stop once you see that the edges are blackened and have a glowing ring. 

Make sure the flame never touches the cigar. The point is drying the cigar and readying it for proper lighting.

Step 4: Light the cigar

Lighting a cigar

When the cigar begins to smolder, place it between your lips and be ready to light it up. Hold the lighter just below the cigar’s charred end while taking short puffs from the unlighted end. This will draw the flame into the cigar and light the end. 

Remember to only suck the smoke into your mouth and never inhale it. Cigar smoking is not supposed to be like cigarette smoking. Now, check the lighted end of the cigar for whether the ember is consistent. You can gently blow on it if the ends are not entirely visible. If the ring is evenly burnt, congratulations, you successfully lit your cigar!

Learn How To Smoke A Cigar Properly

Now that you know what to do while lighting a cigar, let us quickly go over what not to do while lighting a cigar. There are some common pitfalls of lighting a cigar.

  • Do not cut your cigar too deep or too slow. Both of these mistakes can end up in your cigar unraveling and falling apart. 
  • Do not light your cigar at a close range. If you do that, the cigar can end up either catching fire or losing its flavors. 
  • Do not light your cigar with a scented flame. It can mix with the flavors of your cigar and ruin its taste. 
  • Do not puff too fast on your cigar while lighting it. It can result in the burnt chars ending up in your mouth or the cigar getting loose. 
  • Do not inhale the smoke while puffing it. It will cause an unpleasant feeling which can make you dizzy and nauseated.

Well, now that you have all these important clues in how to light a cigar, you can go ahead and smoke cigars in peace. Don’t forget to visit to buy yourself the ideal cigar lighter for cigar smoking.

Remembering these small things about lighting a cigar can be extremely helpful to you every single time. As you keep practicing lighting it the right way, a day will come when it becomes second nature and you’ll have learnt the art of properly lighting a cigar. 

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