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Article: How to Smoke a Cigar Properly In 2024

How to Smoke a Cigar Properly In 2024

There is something undeniably sultry about smoking a cigar. When you spot someone with a cigar in their hand and some sweet aromatic smoke coming out of their mouth, you can’t help but stare. Cigar smoking today is not only considered charming but extremely luxurious as well. And when you think about the prestige that comes with the rolled stogie, you ought to feel a bit intimidated as well. Because let’s face it — it’s not easy to smoke a cigar, and look effortless and sexy while doing so.

Burning Cigar - How to Smoke a cigar in 2024

 So today, we will walk you through the steps of how to smoke a cigar properly. Let’s get started.

The first step towards smoking a cigar is obviously buying it. Before walking into a shop and asking for one, you must know what kind of cigar you want to smoke. Do you want the popular Robusto that will take you on a euphoric journey for 30 to 45 minutes? Or are you more of a Belicoso man, so you care more for flavor than the duration? Corona is also a good choice if you want a more concentrated cigar. Lonsdale, as its name suggests, is long and the most classic of all. The stylish, thin and long Panetela has a distinctive element of refinement to it. But if you want the largest, go for Churchill. 

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If you are a beginner, we suggest you go for a milder one — thin and long, so that you don’t end up coughing on it. Panetela will be the best for the start. But if you’re an avid smoker, experiment with the ones you want to try. Each one is special and makes for some unforgettable and ecstatic moments.

After buying the cigar, you need to cut it. For that, it’s necessary to have the right cutter. Guillotine will do the trick most effectively, but you can also use a V-Cutter or cigar punch. Position your cigar’s cap into the cutter with utmost care, and make sure you’re aiming for the place where its end meets the wrapper. When you finally cut the cigar, remember to do it quickly and in one chop. That will give you a clean cut and the rest of your cigar will still be in proper shape, letting you enjoy it in the best way.

The next step is to light the cigar, which is trickier than people think. Lighting a cigar is not at all like lighting a cigarette. A cigar requires care and patience, for the end result is much more joyous than any cigarette you’ll ever smoke.

To light your cigar effortlessly, you’ll need the right kind of lighter for cigars. Make sure the lighter you buy is windproof if you intend to smoke in windy conditions such as golfing or boating, refillable, has a strong flame, and is easy to hold and use. At The Vintage Lighter, you will find cigar lighters that fulfill all these requirements. We have an abundance of classy, elegant cigar lighters for you to have a fully gratifying experience. We have Windproof lighters, which work perfectly no matter where you go. Butane lighters with the strongest flames, Torch lighters, Fluid lighters, and more.

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For a smooth experience, we suggest you go for our windproof butane lighters. They are versatile in their work and have hundreds of stylish designs for you to choose from. After all, if your cigar looks vintage and elegant, why shouldn’t your lighter?

You can get your cigar lighter here.

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To start the lighting process, warm the tobacco in the foot of the cigar. Carefully hold the flame below the foot without touching it and rotate the cigar a few times until the foot is evenly warmed. After that, hold the flame in front of the cigar without touching it, and at the same time, gently suck on it like you would on a straw, just enough so that the cigar is lit. Make sure you don’t inhale the smoke.

And now comes the most exciting part — smoking the cigar. As you hold the cigar in your mouth, pleasingly draw in the smoke, hold it in your mouth for a few seconds to taste it, and then let it go. We do not inhale the cigar smoke like we do with a cigarette as the flavor of the cigar is only meant to be savored. Repeat the process while rotating the cigar once in a while, and congratulations, you just smoked a cigar!

Are you feeling like a classy gentleman yet?

We have some more interesting ideas for you to try out while you smoke your cigar. Something that rich men used to do while savoring their cigar on cold evenings was to enjoy it along with an alcoholic beverage. It’s known that alcohol can bring out the flavors of the cigar even more. Some drinks to enjoy with cigars are cognac, bourbon, scotch, red wine or even a martini. This unusual experience can be some time away from your otherwise chaotic or demanding lifestyle, and even an easy excuse to put your feet up in your comfortable armchair and enjoy a glass of your favorite drink.

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Some of the best things about smoking a cigar are:

  • Cigars are natural. They are made of pure, unadulterated tobacco. Not a single leaf is chemically treated or artificially altered for taste. Everything from flavor to color is achieved through natural means. 

  • Cigars last longer. You can smoke your cigar from 30 minutes to 2 hours, depending on your pace and method. It is so much more relaxing to know that there’s no rush to finish your cigar. You can even stop in between if you want to, and continue in a few hours. It waits for you like a loyal companion. 

  • Cigar smoking supplies the body with nicotine, which is a known chemical relaxant. If you’re one that deals with a lot of stress in daily life, smoking a cigar would be such a great way to relax on weekends. You will feel your tension fading and a calming daze settling within you.

  • Cigars taste good! This is the most straightforward way to prove why cigar smoking feels good. Not just that, the flavor of cigars have a lot of subtlety, much like coffee or wine, which can be notoriously.

If you are a lover of cigar smoking, or if you’ve become one after getting to know about cigars, we suggest you visit The Vintage Lighter right now. Get yourself a lighter for your cigar and have a seamless experience of smoking cigars.

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