Metal Revolver Handgun Windproof Refillable Butane Torch Lighter with a Sexy Erotic Nude Lady

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The Metal Revolver Handgun Windproof Refillable Butane Torch Lighter is not just a lighter, it's a work of art. This unique and impressive tool is perfect for gun enthusiasts and professionals who require reliable ignition sources. Its metal construction ensures durability, while the windproof design allows for effortless use in outdoor settings. Refilling the butane is a breeze, and the flame intensity can be easily adjusted to meet different needs, making it ideal for various tasks. The revolver handgun design is eye-catching, and the shape of a sexy erotic nude lady only adds to its charm.


  • Lightweight Design: With a net weight of about 75g, the design is lightweight, making it portable and manageable.
  • Durable Built: High-quality zinc alloy was used in the construction to increase the material's durability and longevity.
  • Single Torch Flame: Single torch flame ignites reliably every time for a consistent flame.
  • Butane Powered: Uses butane gas as a fuel source, which is widely available and easy to refill. Eliminating the need to purchase a new lighter every time it runs out of fuel.
  • Eye-Catching Design: Ideal for gun enthusiasts or collectors, this design features a sexy woman holding a handgun. LED lighting for even more class.
  • Viewing Window: Features a viewing window so you can keep an eye on the fuel level and avoid running out of gas at an unexpected time.
  • Windproof: Designed to withstand wind and other weather elements, making it perfect for outdoor use.
  • Versatile: Can be used for a variety of tasks, such as igniting campfires, candle lighting, or metal welding.

Note: Handle a butane lighter with caution as the gas it holds is highly flammable and can ignite rapidly. To avert accidents, it's vital to handle the lighter with care and keep it away from children and pets. Refrain from using any lighter near flammable materials or in open spaces, as this can be extremely perilous.




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Cindy Hanson (Texarkana, US)
Sexy torch lighter

I got gor a friend. He loved it!

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