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Articolo: What is the best way to cut your cigar?

What is the best way to cut your cigar?

If you're here, that means you've realized that cigar smoking is an indescribable pleasure and you've already bought a cigar for yourself. And while smoking the cigar is a lovely experience, preparing for a cigar can be just as rewarding. It will be to your advantage to consider the product's creation before smoking it because you will be spending valuable time with it. 

Contrary to Unlike cigarettes, a cigar requires more preparation before you can start puffing it. To start, practically all most quality cigars have closed heads that need to be chopped in order to start smoking. Whether or not you cut this cap of the cigar accurately making a perfect cut can make or  break your experience of smoking it. So naturally, you must learn the best way to do it. 

But before learning the best method to cut your cigar, you need to find the best cigar cutter to meet your  needs and suit your personal preference. There are several types of Cigar cutters available in a variety of shapes and specs to make a smooth opening in your preferred cigar that matches your preferences. Let us tell you about them. 

  1. Guillotine or straight cutter

The most common and basic type of cutter you can use to cut a cigar is the single blade guillotine. However, most cigar aficionados prefer the double blade guillotine cigar cutter for a more swift and clean cut. It is easy and quick to use. To make a neat cut, place your cigar into the opening of the cutter until a very  small part of the cigar sticks out, then squeeze the cutter firmly and swiftly until you cut all the way  through. 

Double Blade Guillotine Cigar Cutter

Here is the link - 

  1. V-cutter

The V-cutter or the wedge cutter will create a V shaped cut into the cap end of your cigar. This one differs from simple cutters in a way that it usually works to remove only a portion of the cigar's cap end. The cut is extremely accurate and aims at making a hole for optimum inhalation. V-cutters also lessen the possibility of loose cigar filler tobacco getting into your mouth by making precise, tiny cuts. However, this can prevent you from drawing the appropriate taste and smell of the cigar, which can diminish the overall smoking experience. 

V shape Cigar Cutter
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  1. Punch cutter

Punch cutters merely remove a small section of the end cap of your cigar. This cutter punctures the end of the cigar cap while leaving the cap in place. It's best to use a punch cutter when you want to stop the loose filler or tobacco from getting into your mouth while you draw. But it would be impossible to use a punch cutter on a small cigar. 

Cigar Punch

  1. Cigar scissors

Some cigar fans prefer using specialized cigar-cutting scissors over other cutting techniques methods, which are readily available in the market. These scissors operate similarly to kitchen scissors yet cut with extreme precision. Before lighting your cigar, make a clean, precise cut on the cap end with this tool, and tool and be ready for a fantastic smoking session. 

Cigar scissors

  1. Blade/Knife

Blades and knives don't necessarily have to be especially made for cigars. A sharp pocket knife or a clean blade will do the job of cutting the cigar cap smoothly. Make sure your knife is not too thick because the dull edges can loosen the filler and peel the wrapper. Now that you're aware of the different types of cigar cutters, you can do a trial and decide for yourself which one gives you the cleanest cut and preferred draw. My money is on the double blade  guillotine. 

Many cigar aficionados own a variety of cutters, ranging from small, wafer-thin ones that fit  in the pocket to larger ones that sit on a tabletop and are less likely to be lost. If you're looking to include  cigar smoking in your daily activities, that a heavy-duty duty cutter would be the best option. Once you've purchased your preferred cigar cutter, you're only left to learn how to make the perfect cut. 

Cigar Knife

Why don't we go through the steps of this complex important process? 

Step 1: Locate the cap

The end piece of the cigar, known as the cap, is usually only loosely glued on to aid in holding the wrapper intact while it is being stored. You can easily locate it by spotting a round leaf section at the end of the cigar. Make sure to remember that you only need to cut this cap. Cutting the cigar even half an inch further will ruin compromise your cigar. 

Step 2: Moisten the cigar head.

While you might simply begin cutting the cigar, keep in mind that many cigar  smokers slightly moisten the cap in their mouths slightly to avoid fraying and peeling from a dry tip. Even while it's not  required, it can helps to ensure a flawless cut. 

Especially if you're a beginner, don't skip this step as it can make the cut easier for first timers. 

Step 3: Position the cutter. 

Once you have a good cutter at your disposal, position it very close to the cigar's cap end. As discussed before, you must make sure that you are aiming to cut the right amount of proper portion of your cigar. 

Step 4: Make the cut. 

It's time for the cut at last. You'll be shocked to hear that cutting a cigar, while seemingly simple, requires a little bit of talent. But as you continue to sample new cigars, particularly those with various types of leaves and those of variable shapes or sizes, your skill at cutting cigars will improve. 

Once you are 100% sure your cutter is positioned correctly on the cigar cap, make a single, seamless cut with confidence, as if you're quickly ripping off a Band-Aid. That sounds like an easy task but like everything else in life, practice  makes perfect. 

Now check if it's a clean cut, and if it is, move on to the next step of the preparation, which is lighting the cigar. Now you can sit back, relax and enjoy your smoke! 

If you haven't yet learnt already learned how to perform the steps of properly lighting your cigar, we  have an in-depth article about How to light a cigar you can go through. At The Vintage Lighter, you can also buy all the accessories you might need for a satisfying smoke, such as premium windproof lighters, cigar cutters, and cigar holders. It's the perfect place to shop for all your favourite favorite cigar add-ons.


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