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Articolo: How to Clean & Maintain Your Cigar Lighters?

How to Clean & Maintain Your Cigar Lighters?

One of the greatest methods to light your cigar is with a butane lighter. Because they prevent contaminants from tainting the natural flavor of the cigar, these lighters are excellent for cigar smokers. They also supply a strong frame for a quick and even burn. And because your cigar lighter provides you so much service, it ought to ask some in return. 

To ensure peak performance, all cigar lighters need a little bit of routine maintenance. Even though most cigar torches are convenient and effective, maintenance and cleaning of them is necessary to keep them working properly. Especially if you're new to the cigar world, you would need to learn how to clean it properly, what steps to take to maintain it, and other tips to keep your lighter on top of its game. 

Let us start by telling you how to clean and maintain your cigar lighter. When butane burns, it leaves a residue film, and not all butane available on the market is completely pure. This implies that even when your lighter is empty of fuel, it's not really empty. If you want the flame to be ideal for lighting cigars, you'll need to clean and bleed your torch butane lighter on a regular basis. 

But how do you bleed your lighter? 

Step 1: Dial down the flame to the lowest setting. This must be done even when your lighter has no remaining fluid. You should be doing this primarily for your own protection, to prevent getting seriously burnt. 

Step 2: Press down on the fuel valve at the bottom of your lighter using a small screwdriver, the end of a match, or any other firm, narrow object you can find. A hissing sound is produced when the valve is compressed. That sound is the tank releasing air and any remaining fuel. Keep pressing the tool on the valve until the hissing sound stops. Your lighter has now been purged. 

Step 3: Use a can of pressurized air to thoroughly clean the lighter's combustion chamber. All the dirt and other impurities that may have found their way into this area of the lighter should be eliminated. This area of the lighter will clog up and become impossible to light if an excessive amount of dirt and debris accumulates there. 

Step 4: With a clean, dry and soft cloth, wipe the entire lighter off of any dirt or remaining fuel. 

The next step in the maintenance of a cigar lighter is to refuel it. There are a few important steps to that process as well, so let's move on towards learning how to refill your butane torch lighter.

Step 1: Before filling your lighter, don't shake the butane container. Shaking the can of butane will only stir up the air and make it more likely that it will be put in the fuel tank, which is the exact opposite of what you want to happen. Many people make this mistake, not knowing that it's actually hindering them from properly servicing a good working lighter. 

Step 2: You must hold your lighter upside down for the fueling process. Keep the butane can straight up and down, not at an angle, when you press it directly down against the valve. Let the can fill with patience, although it will not take more than 10 seconds to fill an average butane can. The lighter will begin to splutter and leak extra butane as it approaches its maximum fuel capacity. At this point, you need to stop. 

Step 3: With a fresh, dry cloth, clean the lighter as the butane residue on the surface can present a safety risk when it is being used next time. 

Step 4: The last step is to adjust the flame dial to your preferred setting. And even though you can light it up now, let your butane lighter rest and warm up for at least 5-10 minutes before you use it to light your cigar. When the fuel is first released from the butane can, its temperature is quite low. Butane cools down the entire lighter when it is inserted into the tank of your lighter. The lighter can resume its useful operation once it has warmed to room temperature. 

It's not difficult to find a good torch lighter. However, properly maintaining the quality lighter you bought is a more difficult task. With these steps, we would like to think we made it a bit easier for you. But there are still things you need to keep in mind while using your cigar lighter. These are some tips and tricks an avid cigar smoker should know when indulging in the experience. 

Tips & tricks to remember: 

  • Make sure to use high quality butane. 

Check the label of the bottle for phrases like "triple-filtered" or "99.9% pure" to ensure you are buying excellent quality fuel. Purer butane minimizes torch nozzle clogging and produces cleaner combustion. So, by using superior quality butane, you'll be avoiding such problems. 

  • Clean your lighter even from the outside regularly and store it in a dust free place. You don't need to use essential oils or lock it in a safe, but a little bit of attentiveness doesn't hurt. I suggest incorporating cleaning the cigar lighter into your routine. You can also clean it by manually blowing any debris out of the nozzle before and after lighting. 
  • If sometimes your lighter is filled and all the other measures are kept but the lighter still doesn't light up properly, try adjusting the flame. Nowadays, almost all high-quality torch lighters have a flame height adjustment wheel that is placed on the lighter's body. If this wheel is set too low, your lighter won't produce a strong flame.
  • Never purge your lighter near an open flame. That can be a huge safety hazard. Also, remember that a butane lighter should only be used once each minute. After sparking once, especially with a strong and big flame, the butane needs time to cool down to room temperature. 

So many cigar connoisseurs have complaints about their lighters losing their touch after a few months of continuous use. Most of them don't realize that they are simply not taking proper care of their lighters. Fortunately, you won't have that problem. Not only have you gained an understanding of how to maintain your lighter, but you also have the option of buying premium quality butane lighters at The Vintage Lighter. With crystal clear tanks, windproof torches, and sturdy flames, our lighters are incomparable. You can add the preferred one to your collection right now and have your own lifetime companion!


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