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Articolo: 5 Reasons You Should Replace Cigarettes With Cigars

5 Reasons You Should Replace Cigarettes With Cigars

"Why do you smoke cigars?" is a frequently asked question for cigar lovers. They also get asked why they choose to smoke rare cigars over regular cigarettes.

Well, let's just say that the reasons can vary and be explored in depth. Maybe they only occasionally feel the urge to smoke, or they might want more from their cigarette, something extra special to smoke on special occasions, or maybe they might not particularly enjoy the taste of cigarettes. They might also just want to try something a little different.

The fact that smoking a cigar can be a highly peaceful and pleasant experience, especially when compared to smoking a conventional cigarette, is one of the most frequent explanations for why they continue to do so.
But how do they differ? Why do people often find it relaxing to smoke cigars? And why, often, cigar smokers say that once you smoke a cigar, you can't go back to cigarettes?

Let's thoroughly address this today and talk about 5 reasons why you should replace cigarettes with cigars.

1. Time:

The time cigar lovers spend smoking their cigar is precious to them, especially because cigars can take between 30 minutes and 2 hours to smoke. This time can be used as a break from an otherwise hectic or demanding lifestyle or as a convenient justification to relax in your favorite chair with a glass of your cherished drink. Cigars become a form of therapy to those who connect with the experience.
Simply put, you cannot get this level of calm by smoking only one cigarette, as a typical cigarette takes only a few minutes to smoke. It comes and goes, and provides no special relief like a cigar does.

2. Purity:

Cigar connoisseurs are proud of the fact that cigars are made of one thing and one thing only — tobacco. Pure, unadulterated tobacco. Not a single leaf is chemically or artificially modified to change its flavor. The cigar's natural beauty is derived from the fact that everything, including flavor and color, is produced using only natural ingredients. The taste of all detectable flavors, whether sweet or spicy, are produced naturally. Even the different seductive tones of brown in a cigar are produced using an organic method devoid of dyes or ripening accelerants.

On the other hand, cigarettes are not pure at all. They are filtered, their wrappers are made of paper, and there are tons of artificial sweeteners and preservatives in cigarettes to increase their shelf life. That's one reason cigarettes are so easy to mass-produce — because of the additives and chemicals.

3. Relaxation:

Smoking a cigar gives the body nicotine, a well-known chemical relaxant. In contrast to the ordinary cigarette, which has 10 mg of nicotine, a cigar often has 100 to 200 mg.

Consequently, smoking 10 to 20 cigarettes would be required to achieve the same level of sedative as one cigar, which will prove to be ten times more harmful to your body. Another advantage cigars have over cigarettes is that they do not need to be inhaled in order to be properly enjoyed. You can just savor the taste of a cigar in your mouth and experience its full flavors. With cigarettes, inhaling the smoke is a compulsory part of it.

Despite the constant negative press that cigars receive due to the fact that they are tobacco-based, it is paradoxical that premium handmade cigars are among the safest and least self destructive methods for getting through a challenging day. Smoking a high quality cigar is a prudent diversion that offers time for introspection and rational decision-making.

Nothing beats coming home from a long day at work and treating yourself a bit. A cigar can be a guilty pleasure at the end of a long day, similar to a cold beer. On the other hand, if you smoke a cigarette at the end of an already stressful day, it would end up increasing your tension. Contrary to popular belief, cigarettes actually cause more anxiety and lead to depression over time.

4. Taste & Aroma:

The taste, scent, and pleasure that cigars offer are some of the most obvious reasons people enjoy smoking them. The greatest comforts are frequently found in the simplest pleasures of life. It's understandable why someone would choose a cigar over a cigarette just for the flavor, which undoubtedly enhances the calming effect.

Cigarettes are quite harsh in their taste, whereas the flavor of cigars has a lot of subtleties, much like that of coffee and wine. Being able to distinguish between these tiny variations is in and of itself highly satisfying for cigar aficionados. To an average cigar smoker, food, wine, and music are not as engaging to their senses as cigars are.

5. Elegance:

Let's face it — there is a certain charm and elegance to smoking cigars that cigarettes will never have. Smoking a cigar is the new-age smoker's equivalent to fine wines. It's considered classy and luxurious. Retailers even host special events to highlight the cigar as a status of the luxury life and instruct novice users on how to choose, cut, light up, and smoke with pizzazz. That kind of attention to detail and superiority is never associated with cigarette smoking.

Cigar smoking is not only seen as a pleasing activity but also as an art. Many cigar enthusiasts display unusual fervor for their preferred brands and types of cigars. Some people who are passionate about cigar collection will go to considerable lengths to obtain vintage boxes that are no longer manufactured. There are also clubs of men and women who join together once a week just to enjoy the experience of smoking cigars in serenity. That's how much the art of cigar smoking means to them.

These are some of the reasons cigar smoking is sacred to those who enjoy it. When you develop a fondness for a particular cigar, you are aware of how its flavor and scent may elevate an hour or two of your day into a well earned luxury. It's an experience that is irreplaceable by anything else, let alone smoking a conventional cigarette.

If you are entertaining the idea of indulging in cigar smoking for the first time, you may want to learn the art of doing it properly. Learn the dos and don'ts, and the tricks and tips of smoking a cigar right here. The Vintage Lighter will not only act as a guide for your cigar smoking experience, but will also provide you with an abundance of stylish cigar lighters for your new collection. This is your chance to step into the classy world of cigars!


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