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Articolo: Everything You Need To Know About Torch Lighters

Everything You Need To Know About Torch Lighters

If you are a cigar connoisseur, you know the feeling of frustration that comes from an Improperly lit cigar. If your cigar is unevenly burnt the first time, you'll be spending the next hour repeatedly trying to burn the cigar properly, ultimately missing out on actually enjoying the experience of it. In the end, either you have a cigar that's burnt too little or too much, ruining the flavors and the enjoyment of cigar smoking.

Imagine the exasperation of introducing your friends to smoking cigars, only for them to miss the experience because they couldn't find pleasure in the rich affair that is cigar smoking. To make sure this art is properly savored, one must do all the steps right, especially the most important part of it — lighting the cigar with the ideal cigar lighter.

The reason such a dissatisfying situation can occur with cigar smoking is that you are using a low flame lighter or a lighter that's not specifically made for lighting cigars. To have a perfectly burnt cigar, the best choice is to go for a torch lighter. A well-lit cigar can make or break the smoking experience, which is why you must select your lighter mindfully.

Torch lighters at The Vintage Lighter are significantly superior to any other lighter as they produce a steady, controllable flame that you can use to light your cigar with precision.

For your toolkit to be filled with necessary and classy cigar accessories, you need to first know what torch lighters are. Let us take a deep view into what they are, how they operate, the different types you can choose from, and why you should always have one on hand if you are a regular cigar smoker.

What is a Torch Lighter?

The fuel used by a torch lighter differs from that of a standard gas lighter. Instead of regular lighter fluid, torch lighters use pressurized butane fuel, because of which the lighter burns much hotter, reaching up to 2,500° F. The flame's power and intensity make it ideal for lighting a cigar because it will burn hot enough to do so swiftly and evenly.

Torch lighter is also easily identified, thanks to its vivid blue flame, is conveniently adjustable, and is less susceptible to wind. For those who smoke cigars religiously, torch lighters have become the go-to. And although a match or regular lighter can work in a pinch, seasoned cigar lovers prefer a nice torch lighter.
Why should you go for a torch lighter?

You need to be aware of how a cigar typically burns to comprehend why torch lighters are a wise choice to light your cigar. A typical error done by many newbie cigar smokers is to scorch the foot of the cigar with the heat of the lighter, destroying good tobacco and spoiling at least the first few puffs off your cigar. This problem quickly goes away with a torch lighter because of its steady and intense flame that equally burns the cigar and prevents scorching the tobacco.

Many cigar aficionados also exclaim that certain lighters' fuel, particularly flip-top models that use lighter fluid rather than butane, emits an unpleasant smell that detracts from the enjoyment of a cigar. Even though it may finally turn out to be anecdotal, torch lighters that are burning hot practically have no odor. They do not mess with the pure smell and taste of the cigar, leaving you with the delight of a flawless experience.

Lastly, torch lighters are refillable, so once you've found a perfect match for your cigar, you don't have to worry about buying another lighter ever again. You can just take some time to refill your torch lighter and go back to smoking your cigar in peace.

What are the different types of torch lighters?

  1. Single Jet Torch Lighter:

The single jet is the torch lighter's humble beginning. Here, a single nozzle serves as a direct, consistent source of heat and flame. Single jet torch lighters frequently come in pen design to be pocket friendly. A single jet is preferred by many cigar smokers over multiple jet alternatives because it offers greater accuracy and gives the user more control over how much of the cigar is lit.

  1. Double Jet Torch Lighter:

When you wish to disperse the heat source, the double jet torch lighter is a good upgrade. By producing two sources of flame rather than one single nozzle, you effectively broaden the distribution of heat and flame, which is what makes the double jet a fantastic option for tiny to medium-sized cigars.

  1. Triple Jet Torch Lighter:

You'll find one of the most powerful flames you've ever seen in a triple jet torch lighter. Triple jet lighters are usually multipurpose and can be used to start a campfire, a barbecue, and a cigar. They have flames that are incredibly flexible but unquenchable. If you prefer to smoke wider cigars, you'll find value in the triple jet.

  1. Quadruple Jet Torch Lighter:

The span of flame sources gets larger as you add more jets to a given torch lighter, which is crucial for several reasons. When smoking a broader cigar, a quadruple jet is the ideal choice as it can even swiftly light a 50-ring cigar. That kind of precision will fulfil your cigar smoking experience like no other lighter will.

Now that you know how irreplaceable and indispensable torch lighters are to have an excellent cigar smoking experience, you must give a thought to expanding your toolkit with one of these!

At The Vintage Lighter, we have a collection of premium quality torch lighters in all the above mentioned categories. Apart from masterfully lighting your cigar, our torch lighters also have added features like flashlight, adjustable flame, refillable etc. The cigar enthusiast in you must desire a functionally superior and an aesthetically pleasing cigar lighter on you at all times. For such a rare gem, scan through our gallery and treat yourself to a diverse torch lighter today


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