Briquet torche rechargeable au butane à double brûleur et flamme douce à double jet


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Belle pièce de spectacle riche et lisse avec un allume-cigare/cigarette à double brûleur agréable au toucher. Veuillez noter que le gaz démarre dès que le couvercle s'ouvre. Appuyez une fois sur le bouton d'allumage et une forte flamme double torche apparaît. Relâchez le bouton et il se transforme en une flamme douce. La molette de réglage de la flamme pratique et accessible est située en bas.

Customer Reviews

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L.J. (D'Iberville, US)
Great Lighter

This is a great lighter. The selectable flame is good with lighting cigars. The only downside is the plastic guard on the top of the lighter.

Thank you for your 5-star review and for taking the time to write it. Please rest assured that this product is engineered to work properly with all the materials used inside an outside of the lighter.

T. (Brisbane, AU)

Love this lighter! Took a while to receive, but the product is great. Doesn’t seem to work well when flame is set medium to light as it struggles to ignite, but overall, a great product!

Thank you for the kind words. Nice to know that the good people of Australia are enjoying our amazing products.

Steven Joba (Cleveland, US)
Works great

Classic zippo style even with the lid noise. Works great versatile due to the duel torch and soft flame combo, only thing I would say as a small con is fuel capacity. Make sure to use premium butane like colibri.

Thank you so much for your eloquent thoughts and for acknowledging the crisp sound it makes when closing the lid.

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