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The Vintage Lighter has become the epitome of class and functionality for smokers of all kinds. If you are a cigar lover, you will find something suitable for yourself in our range of lighters. But to take it one step further, we also customize your lighters. Our customized lighters will give you the liberty of having any words or image printed on them, given that you are buying a minimum of 20 pieces.

These customized lighters are perfect to have your company logo printed on to present to your employees in a company event. It will not only boost your employees' morals but will also promote your business. They also make excellent party favors for your wedding. You can imprint the dates of the wedding and gift them to the guests as a souvenir. The family will always remember the generous gesture.

These customized lighters have a clear fuel tank, and the printed card will measure 1 3/8" Width x 1 1/16" Height. The same dimensions apply to inserting a 3D object with a maximum thickness of 1/4". We urge you to explore through the options and select the ones you see fit to customize for your event.

Contact us if you want us to customize your lighter -