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The story of Crystal-Clear Lighters by Buddy G’s

In 1966 Leonardo and Rosa Giarrusso along with their five young sons - Angelo, John, Matt, Anthony, and Frank set sail across the Atlantic Ocean from their home in Vieste, Foggia, Italy to start a new life in the United States. After totally assimilating to their new home in Providence, Rhode Island, and lots of studying and hard work, twenty years later they started a family business in designing and manufacturing fashion jewelry and accessories. The business thrived and continues to do so to this day.

In 2018, to complement their current business, the Giarrusso Brothers expanded their manufacturing to vintage lighters. The idea came about when they reminisced about the old days when so many parents and grandparents had liquid fueled lighters that had crystal clear fuel tanks and a highly polished chrome lid. Not only was it an excellent lighter, but it also had an heirloom look and feel that it had to be reintroduced for future generations to appreciate. Hence the name Crystal Clear Lighter. Unlike other liquid fueled lighters with cotton in the fluid chamber that dries up regardless of use, Crystal Clear Lighters hold the fuel in a sealed tank that never dries when not in use.

Although the inspiration to get into the lighter manufacturing business started with nostalgia and the look and smell of a lighter fluid flame on a wick, they know that many people prefer butane torch lighters. As a result, they have a vast selection of single to quadruple windproof adjustable jet torch lighters that will accommodate any taste and budget.