Dual Burner Butan Soft Flame nachfüllbar und Jet Torch Feuerzeug und Bonus Taschenlampe

$49.00 $52.00
Farbe: Blue Ice
Hochglanzpoliertes, wunderschönes Vorzeigestück mit einem großartigen Zweiflammen-Zigarren-/Zigarettenanzünder. Bitte beachten Sie, dass das Gas beginnt, sobald......Read More

24 Stück auf Lager

Hochglanzpoliertes, wunderschönes Vorzeigestück mit einem großartigen Zweiflammen-Zigarren-/Zigarettenanzünder. Bitte beachten Sie, dass das Gas beginnt, sobald sich der Deckel öffnet. Schlagen Sie auf das Feuersteinrad und eine schöne weiche Flamme beginnt. Drücken Sie den Knopf und es verwandelt sich in eine feine Taschenlampe. Hat auch eine sehr nützliche und helle Taschenlampe.
Kostenloser Versand auf dem Landweg für alle Bestellungen ab 25,00 USD. Für Bestellungen unter 25,00 $ werden 5,00 $ für Versand und Bearbeitung berechnet.

Customer Reviews

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Jan Kuric

I sill did not received my order.

Michael Sutherland
Dual flame lighter

Great product, very elegant.
Thanks for the gift!

Thank you for 5-star review Michael. We appreciate your kindness and willingness to take the time to review our products.

Karen Bell
Great online order experience

What can I say? I recommend ordering a lighter from this company. They processed my order so fast and it was free cuz my order was over $25. I purchased a dual flame lighter in silver frost. Beautiful and the paint hasn't chipped off yet. It was a little hard to get used to the way it lights, but after a week or 2 it's second nature now. I will order again.

Thank you for your generous review and for taking the time to write it and provide photos.

Perfect Groomsmen Gifts

I was searching for ideas of what to get as gifts for my groomsmen for my wedding in September 2022. I found the vintage lighter and couldn’t be more satisfied with my experience and how everything came out.

I reached out to Anthony who was extremely personable and helpful. We customized the lighter to include the groomsmen names as well as the wedding date and my last name. We even customized one for the Father of the Bride. They all came out beautiful.

Additionally, to complete the package, I purchased the “Three in One Golf Tool” and “Cigar Cutter” for each groomsmen in my wedding. All of the products are great quality and highly functional.

I can’t wait to give these items to my groomsmen as gifts. If your a groom looking for gift ideas for a wedding, I would definitely recommend the lighter as well the items I listed above.

Thank you for your kindness and choosing us for your special day. You are a very good groom to trat your party the way you did. Congratulations on your wedding.

Freaking awesome

I got this lighter as a gift for my partner and he absolutely loves it. He did have a issue refilling it, i reached out to customer service. Anthony was incredibly helpful. He provided step by step instructions AND included pictures! When that did not work, he automatically sent out a replacement. Just superb customer service. We received the replacement and my partner fell in love with the lighter again. Anthony also sent a gift for the inconvenience (which is also freaking awesome!!). This lighter is beautifully made and the flashlight is a very nice feature to have. The pictures do not do it justice. Incredibly pleased with the whole experience. Would highly recommend. Now all we need is to find a case for it 😊.

I can't thank you enough for your great review and for being such a loyal customer.

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