Buddy G Graphic Feuerzeug - Kristallklares Vintage-Feuerzeug


Feuerzeug von Buddy G - Vintage-Feuerzeug

  • Heirloom-Qualität, Vintage-inspiriertes nachfüllbares......Read More

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Feuerzeug von Buddy G - Vintage-Feuerzeug

  • Heirloom-Qualität, Vintage-inspiriertes nachfüllbares Feuerzeug mit Flüssigbrennstoff

  • Durchsichtiger Tank, der immer den Kraftstoffstand anzeigt

  • Umweltfreundliches, wiederverwendbares Feuerzeug, das Jahre hält und verhindert, dass Milliarden von Einwegfeuerzeugen auf unsere Deponien gelangen

  • Solide Konstruktion, fühlt sich gut in der Hand an und ist mit seiner hochglanzpolierten Chromplatte, die wie ein Schmuckstück aussieht, angenehm für Ihre Augen

  • Von Kindern fernhalten
  • Dieses Feuerzeug ist nicht kindergesichert
  • Kristallklares Feuerzeug vom Gesicht weg anzünden
  • Schließen Sie den Deckel, um die Flamme zu löschen
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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Joanne McQueen
Relive his childhood

I ordered for my husband, he would fill his Grandpa’s lighter for him when he would visit for the summer. The lighters are not as good quality as the old ones but what is any more. Good for a flash back

Thank you for taking the time to review our product. I agree about the Crystal Clear Lighters taking us back to the good ole days.

Sean Higgins

Buddy G Graphic Lighter - Crystal-Clear Vintage Lighter

Hi Sean, thanks for your excellent review and for being such a loyal customer from all the way across the Atlantic.

Joseph Russo

Very nice lighters!

Thank you for your kind review.

Kevin H
Brings back memories!

I hear this is where it all started, and what a great place to start! The first time I struck that flit and watched the flame grow I was taken back in time.

The look of the flame, the unmistakable smell of the lighter fluid burning took me back to my childhood when people like my father, uncles, etc. would pull out their lighters to light a campfire in the woods on a cold day of fishing or hunting. Nothing compares to the scent given off by a lighter fluid filled lighter.

Once again Buddy G's has outdone themselves bringing a classic and iconic lighter into the twenty first century.

Well done as always !

Kevin Hiltz

( Nova Scotia, Canada )

Hi Kevin, words cannot describe the appreciation I have for the exceptional customer that you are. Thank you so much!

Brian Hill
Real look and feel

These are quality lighters made exactly like the vintage Scripto VU lighters...shipping is free and quick

Thank you for your kind words and for letting everyone know how these lighters bring us back to our early years by having yesterday's lighters made today.

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