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Articolo: Which is better to light up a cigar, a wooden match, or a lighter?

Which is better to light up a cigar, a wooden match, or a lighter?

The debate between using a wooden match or a lighter for lighting cigars is an age-old discussion among enthusiasts. While both have their merits, this exploration will shed light on the advantages of using a lighter, highlighting its efficiency and practicality.

The Lighter:

  1. Consistent Flame:

   - One of the primary advantages of using a lighter is the consistent flame it provides. Unlike wooden matches, lighters, especially torch lighters designed for cigars, offer a steady and even flame. This consistency ensures a more uniform burn and contributes to a better smoking experience.

  1. Versatility:

   - Lighters, particularly torch lighters, are versatile and can be used in various environments. Whether indoors or outdoors, the flame produced by a lighter is less affected by wind, making it a reliable choice in different conditions.

  1. Ease of Use:

   - Lighters are user-friendly and require minimal skill to operate. Striking a match might require a certain finesse, but a lighter is as simple as pressing a button or flipping a switch.

  1. Precision and Control:

   - With a lighter, smokers have greater control over the toasting process. The ability to precisely direct the flame ensures an even and thorough lighting of the cigar, particularly beneficial for larger ring gauge cigars.

  1. Reduced Risk of Contamination:

   - Some argue that wooden matches, especially those with sulfur tips, can introduce unwanted flavors to the cigar. Lighters, when fueled with clean-burning butane, eliminate the risk of flavor contamination, allowing the true essence of the tobacco to shine.

lighter image


The Wooden Match:

  1. Wind Sensitivity:

   - Wooden matches are highly sensitive to the wind. Lighting a cigar outdoors can become challenging, with the flame easily extinguished by even a gentle breeze.

  1. Skill-Dependent:

   - Successfully lighting a cigar with a match requires a certain level of skill. Without careful technique, the match may burn out before achieving an even light, leading to an uneven burn.

  1. Single-Use Limitation:

   - Wooden matches are single-use items, meaning that for each cigar, a new match is required. This can be impractical for those who enjoy multiple cigars in one sitting.

Wooden match


While the debate between matches and lighters is subjective and depends on personal preference, the efficiency, versatility, and control offered by lighters make them an appealing choice for many cigar enthusiasts. The convenience and reliability of a lighter, especially in diverse smoking environments, contribute to a seamless and enjoyable cigar-smoking experience. The decision between a wooden match and a lighter is a matter of individual taste and the smoking conditions one frequently encounters. For those valuing efficiency and precision, the flame of a well-crafted lighter is the spark that ignites a truly exceptional cigar-smoking journey.


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