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Articolo: 5 Things You Should Know About Cigar Lighters

5 Things You Should Know About Cigar Lighters

Cigar lighters have become essential accessories for those who indulge in the divine art of smoking cigars. Not only have lighters become more pocket friendly and accessible over the years but now they also come in a variety of types, sizes, and flames. Between all these choices and the age of flaunting hobbies, many cigar aficionados have forgotten how serious this venture is. And most importantly, how big of a part a good cigar lighter plays in the pleasure of cigar smoking. 

In this blog, we will walk you through some things you should know about cigar lighters that will help you become an expert in the experience. After all, there's always a learning curve with such complex and luxurious hobbies. 

  • Find the best for you. 

  • If you smoke cigars, you must have a dependable lighter that is stylish and comfortable in your hands. But you must own a lighter that suits your needs. 

    Finding the ideal cigar lighter online can be confusing. Since the top brands continually develop new models, cigar lighters are always advancing, and as a result, you constantly feel the need to update with the technology. 

    Relax! You do not need the latest, most expensive, most dazzling lighter to have a good smoke. You just need the one that is best for you! Let us help you figure that out. 

    Ask yourself what you prioritize more — style or convenience. If you need a reliable lighter that is fast in lighting your cigar for a quick break, go for a triple burner torch lighter. But if your focus is more on the whole experience of smoking cigars in your man cave, you might need something flashier to show off and indulge in for hours. In that case, a soft flame dual burner torch lighter might be your best choice. Most people need handy, small lighters to carry with them to activities like golfing and hiking. If that is you, a windproof four burner torch lighter would be the one for you. 

  • Important little features.

  • If you have owned a cigar lighter, you would know that the performance and lifetime of a lighter are affected by intricate details. People do not pay attention to those when buying their lighter, but it can be the difference between a good smoke and a dull one. 

    For instance, most smokers prefer lighters that light quickly and effortlessly. When you are in the middle of a stressful day, you would not want to do extra work and carefully angle your lighter in the right direction. You would opt for a lighter that is fluid enough to bend and light the cigar perfectly. Plus, you would also like it to have an adjustable knob that helps you decide the intensity of the flame. 

    Another comfort you would want in your lighter is the ease of knowing the fuel level in the tank. A fuel indicator or a window is a must-have feature for all lighter owners these days. 

  • Lighting technique matters. 

  • How many times have you heard from your fellow cigar lovers that the way they light the cigar can make or break their experience of smoking it? They are not wrong. You can buy the best cigar lighter that exists but if your technique to char it is a bit off, you would fail at the job. 

    Here are a few tips to perfect the craft of lighting your cigar. First, keep in mind that you should prevent scorching the tobacco leaves. Try to figure out what distance results in a steady, even burn. Then, maintain a right angle between the flame and the cigar's tuck/foot end while slowly spinning the cigar to ignite the tobacco at consistent angles at all sides. That should give you an evenly lit cigar. 

    Use your lighter to spot-light whenever necessary to fix your cigar in case it starts to canoe or tunnel. Understand the frequency of puffing that is working for you and enjoy the peaceful time. 

  • Bleeding & Fuelling. 

  • Bleeding and fuelling the lighter is ignored as a secondary part of the whole experience. The truth is that it is a significant step if you wish to reuse your cigar lighter for a long time.

    When the butane in your lighter burns, compressed air takes its place. This means when you see your fuel tank empty, it is not necessarily empty. There is air inside it, and you need to bleed it out. If you do not have a specific tool to bleed your lighter, you can simply use a small screwdriver, paper clip or any object that fits inside the valve area. Place it into the valve opening and hold consistent pressure until you stop hearing the hissing sound of the air being released. 

    Next step is fuelling, for which you need to flip your lighter upside-down. Then, carefully insert the nozzle from the butane can into the valve and firmly press down so that it does not leak. Fill it until you see the fuel indicator as full. 

    Lastly, redo the bleeding if your flame seems weak. Why? Because sometimes, air seeps into the fuel tank while filling it. Bleeding it again will ensure that the air has been eliminated from the lighter's fuel tank. 

  • You will need more than one. 

  • Let’s face it. For a true cigar enthusiast, one lighter is never enough. You may try to work it out with just one good lighter but one day, you will forget it at home and regret not having a spare at your disposal.

    Imagine you are attending an event with other connoisseurs. You would want to be at the top of your game there, wouldn't you? You never know which rare cigar you're going to be smoking, for which you may need specialized lighters. It never hurts to own a collection of stylish and multifunctional cigar lighters at such a time. 

    The best part is — all these needs of yours will be fulfilled at only one place. At The Vintage Lighter, we offer a multitude of diverse cigar lighters for your distinct needs. We also display a collection of other cigar accessories that will uniquely compliment the elegant cigar lighter you select. 

    We have already made you aware of the key details you need to remember while buying a cigar lighter. Keep those in mind when you make your ultimate choice, and you will do just fine! 


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