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Articolo: The Vintage Lighter — Introducing Our Premium Collection Of Cigar Lighters

The Vintage Lighter — Introducing Our Premium Collection Of Cigar Lighters

The Vintage Lighter — Introducing Our Premium Collection Of Cigar Lighters

Cigars are genuinely works of art, and what we adore most about them are all the minute distinctions and features that give each one its own special character. People engage in smoking a cigar because they find pleasure in it. But the experience involves more than just the cigar. Because if you don't light your cigar, what good is it?

The act of smoking a cigar is an experience in and of itself. From choosing the best cigars to storing them in a humidor to cutting and lighting them, everything is done with care. For some people, it's a deliberate, meditative act. And nothing could be more upsetting than seeing another person flub the takeoff and light their cigar poorly. We may all shake our heads at what should have been a delicious smoke that turned out to be a flop.

Once you have mastered the technique of lighting a cigar, you can begin your search for the model that best meets your requirements. You could be looking for a lighter that meets your specific demands, given the wide variety available on the market. If you are looking for premium quality, multifunctional torch lighters that will allow you more control and power when lighting your cigar, look no further than The Vintage Lighter.

Here are 5 of our best and most popular cigar lighters for you to light your cigar in the strangest of conditions.

1. Hexagon Shape Shiny Metal Windproof 4 Burner Refillable Butane Adjustable Jet Torch:

This hexagon shaped beauty is one of the strongest and sturdiest cigar lighters to ever exist. It is highly polished, refillable and excellently smooth to the touch. It doesn't matter if you are smoking your cigar inside four walls or are stuck in a hurricane, this windproof quad burner torch lighter will light your cigar just fine.

As more jets are added to a particular torch lighter, the span of the flame source increases. This torch lighter is at its best when you want to light a thick and large cigar. Because that is what it's made for, no one can beat it at its own game. Even if you are lighting a small cigar, it can easily be adjusted to suit your needs.

It is available in 5 classy shades and has an elegant and chic design that will suit your sophisticated taste.

2. Shiny Metal Windproof 4 Burner Refillable Butane Jet Torch Lighter:

Despite being a quad burner, this shiny metal windproof torch lighter has a very easy-to-use mechanism. With a steady flame that will stay alive at your windy campsite, there is no design sleeker and more tasteful than this one.

It has a large refillable fuel tank that will last for many uses between fill-ups. Apart from all the amazing features, this torch lighter has an adjustable flame, feels great in your hand, is compact, and famous for its reliability. It's available in 5 stunning colors. This specific torch is still small enough to fit in your pocket but robust enough to complete any task.

3. Dual Burner Butane Soft Flame Refillable and Jet Torch Lighter and Bonus Flashlight:

This rich looking cigar lighter is a dual burner with a fantastic hand feel and pocket friendliness. It is highly polished and beautifully designed. Remember that the moment its lid opens, the gas begins to flow, giving you a perfectly balanced burn on your cigar.

Its lovely, soft flame begins when the flint wheel is struck, and when you press the button, it transforms into a nice torch. The torch lighter includes a powerful and quite handy flashlight as well. This one is simple to operate and refill, and it has precision controls to keep the flame exactly where you want it. In short, it is ideal for a regular cigar smoker who is also kind of a minimalist.

Available in 8 different shades of pretty, this one is a conversation starter, and looks nice anywhere from the patio in the backyard to the garage workshop.

4. Dual Burner Refillable and adjustable flame Butane and electronic windproof ARC burner, Plasma lighter:

With several superb features and a beautifully polished dual burner, this hybrid lighter has an electrical ARC flame that can withstand any wind, plus it has a butane torch. While the ARC uses a rechargeable battery, the torch uses butane. On the front panel is a battery indicator that may be recharged using the supplied cord in any USB device.

Something unusual about this refillable lighter is that you won't ever need to add butane to this lighter if you only smoke small items like cigarettes, Cigarillo cigars, etc. Add butane to demonstrate all the features; it will never run out when not in use. It comes in 5 different colors.

5. Polished Metal Windproof Triple Burner Refillable Butane Jet Torch Lighter - Built-in Cigar Punch and viewing window for fuel level:

A fantastically smooth and shiny triple Jet torch lighter, this is one of our prized items with high-quality metal and powerful windproof triple burner lighter with adjustable flame. It proudly features a clear window to see the fuel level, so you can always be prepared to fill the butane whenever the time comes.

This solid piece even includes an integrated cigar punch. It has a total of 6 different shades, and is a stunning, minimalistic and extremely high-quality three-jet torch that can ignite anything. The soft curvaceous body is neat, lovely, and substantial to hold in the hand.

Once you go through the unique and versatile designs that are the pride of The Vintage Lighter, no other cigar lighter will quite feel like the right fit. Especially if you are an aficionado, you must have a cigar lighter in your hand that will make you a legend in your club. With all kinds of shapes, sizes, shades and features, we have shown you the best that exist. Now, let your heart tell you which one speaks to you the most.


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