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Article: The 8 Best Cigar Butane Torch Lighters for Lighting Your Cigars In 2024

The 8 Best Cigar Butane Torch Lighters for Lighting Your Cigars In 2024

When it comes to enjoying a good cigar, the right lighter can make all the difference. Elevate your smoking experience with the perfect fusion of style and functionality. We have curated a list of the eight best cigar torch lighters, each offering a unique blend of features to suit every aficionado's taste.


1. Triple Burner Butane Torch Lighter - The Vintage Lighter

Ignite your smoking experience with the Polished Metal Windproof Triple Burner Butane Jet Torch Lighter—an artful blend of form and functionality. Crafted with zinc alloy and vibrant colored plating, it is a visual delight. Weighing a mere 82g and measuring 82 x 31 x 19mm, it is pocket friendly. The triple burner and windproof flame make it versatile for cigars, bonfires, and grills. Enjoy extras like a built-in cigar punch and a fuel level viewing window. Refillable and adjustable, this lighter boasts a powerful, consistent flame. With an easy-to-use one-action ignition, it's a stylish companion for candle lighting, grilling, or cigar indulgence. Available in stunning colors like black satin, silver satin, rose gold, and more. Upgrade your flame game!


Triple Butane Torch Lighter - The Vintage Lighter - Blue Flame Lighter



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2. Butane Torch Lighter With Strike Wheel Lighter - The Vintage Lighter

The Vintage Lighter Torch Flame Butane Lighter emerges as a sleek and functional companion for cigar aficionados. Its torch flames provide swift and effortless lighting—simply strike the spark wheel for a gentle flame or press the round button to unveil a vibrant blue torch flame. The adjustable flame feature ensures a consistently perfect burn with each use. Offering a refillable butane tank, this lighter promotes sustainability and longevity, making it both cost-effective and eco-friendly. Melding durability with style, it stands as a timeless addition to any collection, promising a heightened and refined cigar experience. Acquire the Vintage Lighter Torch Flame Cigar Lighter today in Silver Brushed, Gold Brushed, or Black Brushed for an unrivaled accessory.



Butane Torch Flame Lighter - Blue Flame Lighter - The Vintage Lighter - Strike Wheel Lighter



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3. Stylish and Sophisticated Soft Flame Butane Lighter - The Vintage Lighter

Introducing our Stylish and Sophisticated Soft Flame Refillable and Adjustable Butane Lighter. With a high-quality finish, vintage flint, and a side-mounted striker wheel ignition system, this elegant lighter is a perfect blend of aesthetics and functionality. The soft flame exudes a gentle, candle-like elegance, and its size is easily adjustable to suit your preferences. Refillable with butane gas, it ensures long-lasting use. The dimensions of 2.9" x 1.15" x .3" and a weight of 1.75 oz make it convenient and portable. Choose from Gold-Silver, Black Brushed, Gold Brushed, or Silver Ice for a touch of sophistication. Elevate your experience with our durable, dependable, and easy-to-use soft flame lighter—order yours today!



Butane Lighter - The Vintage Lighter



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4. Dual Burner Butane Torch & Soft Flame Lighter - The Vintage Lighter

Introducing the Elegant Dual Burner Refillable Butane Soft Flame and Jet Torch Lighter, a pinnacle of sophistication and functionality. Crafted with high-quality zinc alloy and a high-temperature resistance ceramic plate, it offers a smooth surface and comfortable hand feel. The weight of about 105g makes it portable for your handbag or pocket. Easily switch from Soft Flame to Torch with the round button. This versatile lighter features easy adjustment of the Butane Flame, making it perfect for various outdoor activities, camping, and indoor applications. It is refillable with a universal refill valve and is available in colors like Blue Ice, Black Satin, Gold Satin, Silver Satin, Matte Black, and Luminous White. Elevate your experience with this luxurious accessory—order now and receive 1 x Jet Flame Torch Lighter and 6pcs Flint Stone. A perfect gift for any occasion!

Dual Flame Butane Torch & Soft Flame Lighter - The Vintage Lighter


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5. Quad Flame Butane Torch Lighter - The Vintage Lighter

Elevate your outdoor experience with the Hexagon Shape Shiny Metal Windproof Butane Jet Torch! This uniquely designed lighter, with a sleek hexagon shape and shiny metal finish, features four windproof burners that guarantee a sturdy flame for any adventure. The adjustable quad burner ensures a strong flame for lighting cigars or whatever your heart desires. Weighing around 106g, its dimensions of 84.5 x 28 x 25mm make it a compact companion. Versatile for camping, bonfires, or relaxing in your man cave, this tool is adjustable, refillable, and easy to use with a one-button ignition. Choose from charming colors like sand black, sand chrome, sand gold, sand grey, and chrome to add flair to your outdoor escapades.


Quad Flame Butane Torch Lighter - The Vintage Lighter


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6. Dual Flame Butane Torch Lighter With Rubber Casing - The Vintage Lighter

Introducing the Double Burner Refillable Butane Windproof Double Jet Torch Lighter, a reliable and stylish accessory for all smokers. This dual torch flame lighter is designed for outdoor use or windy conditions, ensuring a quick and easy light every time. The textured rubber casing not only offers a visually appealing design but also provides a comfortable grip and waterproof protection. Refillable and made of durable plastic, this lighter is an eco-friendly alternative to disposable options. With a compact size, easy operation, and dual torch flame, it's the perfect companion for daily use. Available in black, blue, red, orange, and camo colors, this lighter is as versatile as it is practical.


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7. Skull With Flashing Lighter Design - Butane Torch Lighter - The Vintage Lighter 

The Skull with Flashing Lights Metal Windproof Refillable Butane Torch Lighter is a bold and resilient accessory designed for style-conscious smokers. Crafted from high-quality metal, this refillable butane torch lighter boasts an alluring illuminated skull design that captivates with mystery. Its single torch flame defies strong winds, providing a seamless smoking experience for both cigars and cigarettes. The adjustable flame intensity, refillable functionality, and exceptional durability make it a cost-effective choice. Weighing a mere 60 grams, its lightweight and compact design, with dimensions of 71.5 x 33 x 11 mm, ensures effortless portability. Moreover, it transforms your smoking ritual into a light show extravaganza, adding an extra level of excitement.


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8. Vintage Inspired Butane Lighter - The Vintage Lighter

Discover nostalgia with the Vintage Inspired Metal Soft Adjustable Flame Butane Lighter. Embracing a vintage aesthetic, it offers more than just an appearance—its feel, sound, and function transport you to a bygone era. Unveil a beautiful soft flame by opening the lid and initiating the gas flow, and simply spin the striker wheel. Ideal for lighting your favorite smoke, candles, or campfires. Close the lid to halt the gas flow and extinguish the flame. Crafted from Zinc Alloy, it measures 57 x 34 x 11 mm, weighing 55 grams. Choose from Matte Black, Brush Gold, Brush Silver, and Bronze for a touch of timeless elegance.

Butane Lighter - Soft Flame Lighter - The Vintage Lighter - Vintage Inspired lighter


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